Coloring mandalas are an ancient form of meditation and relaxation.

What is a mandala?  In Sanskrit, mandala means circle.  In every culture and in nature, mandalas are innumerous.  They are often intricate and typically quite beautiful.  They can be seen in halos, prayer wheels, seashells, flowers.  In Indian and Tibetan religions, mandalas have been used for centuries to facilitate meditation and relaxation.  In common use today, mandala is a generic term for diagrams, charts or geometric patterns that represent metaphysical energies symbolically.  An especially powerful mandala is the Sri Yantra.  It is structured to promote consciousness via sacred geometry.

Mandalas are beginning to be used in medicine as healing tools.  Some clinical trials are suggesting that mandala meditation might boost the immune system.  Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, lessen depression, reduce pain, lower blood pressure, lower breathing rates, and stimulate melatonin release.  Coloring a mandala combines meditation and art therapy.  Those who color mandalas often experience a deep sense of calm.  They are a vehicle for expressing our creative side—a side often neglected in our busy, often stressful, daily lives.

Consider purchasing a mandala coloring book–there are many from which to choose. Spend a few moments coloring a mandala.  There are no rules!  You will rarely have time to finish one in one sitting, so color a ring or an area that calls to you.  Choose any color you wish and do not worry if you do not stay within the lines.  The mandala and colors you choose are personal choices and can help to balance the right and left sides of your brain.  It is not necessary to match colors—your instincts will guide you.  Sometimes one color will naturally follow the color that was just used, or “come along” like someone who brings a friend to a party.

One particular mandala coloring book, Bio-Geometry Signatures: A Mandala Coloring Book, offers a set of mandalas that help balance the energy in your various organ systems simply by focusing on the shapes and patterns as you color them.  There are many mandala coloring books available for purchase, and many coloring pages that are available for free download.  A simple set of coloring pencils will suffice, or you can dive in and get a large set of pencils or other markers.  To find coloring pages, simply use your Internet search engine to find “mandala coloring pages.”


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