Energy Healing

Emotional Energy Healing Sessions

Deeply rooted emotional issues can block healing of any kind–physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. When healing is blocked, we might completely ignore (deny) our issues, or we might become consumed with our issues. We might take on the role of victim, victimizer, or both, making it very difficult to find fulfillment in life. Stuck emotional energies can manifest in any area of life–health, relationships, work, recreation. Individuals who find themselves ‘stuck’ in life, who notice unproductive patterns playing out repeatedly in their life, who feel paralyzed by anxiety, or who are in the grip of post-traumatic stress can often find significant benefit from engaging in emotional energy healing sessions.

Emotional energy healing sessions are NOT considered medical services, and yet, when stuck emotional energy is cleared, very often doors to healing in the traditional medical and integrative realm can unlock in unexpected ways. For example, when a patient is given a new diagnosis of cancer and advised to undergo chemotherapy, an energetic block such as, “It is not safe to have chemotherapy,” might be consciously or unconsciously present. Identifying and releasing the blocked energy behind the statement would allow the patient to explore their treatment options more fully, regardless of their eventual choice to undergo or decline a specific treatment.

Utilizing the methods and techniques of Soul Healing Therapy’s Patrick Rodriguez, her extensive knowledge and experience in both traditional medical and integrative therapies, and her knowledge of and experience with the Human Design System of Differentiation, Dr. Gen offers emotional energy healing sessions for those interested in clearing deeply rooted emotional issues. She takes her client into their hidden places of deep hurt and fear, so they can FEEL and RELEASE the hurt and fear, then she facilitates the client’s shift into a place of self-acceptance. Emotional energy healing sessions can be quite emotionally intense, but are also incredibly freeing. In her medical role as a physician, Dr. Gen may also recommend traditional behavioral counseling or therapy, but finds emotional energy healing sessions complement the work done by traditional counselors and therapists.

Emotional Energy Healing Workshops

Workshops are offered on-demand and require a minimum of six participants. A Certification in Emotional Energy Healing is granted to those participants who demonstrate an ability to facilitate an energetic emotional release while remaining in a state of complete non-judgement, and recognize a release has occurred. Workshops that include interactive role playing are limited to 12 or fewer participants and are tailored to the participants for optimal integration. There is no limit to the number of participants for larger, lecture-style workshops.

In collaboration with Patrick Rodriguez of Soul Healing Therapy, Dr. Gen conducts Emotional Energy Healing Workshops. Workshop participants are taught the energy healing methods and techniques learned and refined by Mr. Rodriguez during his 30+ years of energy healing work. Designed for medical professionals, therapists and healers, but open to others with an interest in emotional energy healing, the workshop material blends his methods and techniques with aspects of the Human Design System of Differentiation for the purpose of lasting emotional energy release.

Mr. Rodriguez’s methods and techniques enable significant releases of deeply embedded hurtful emotional experiences. Individuals working with a trained Emotional Energy Healer are guided into and through deep emotional issues, then brought to an emotional release. The outcome of every emotional energy release session is to bring the individual to a place of release AND self-acceptance. When facilitating is combined with aspects of the Human Design System of Differentiation, clients also gain greater ease in living out their unique Human Design less encumbered.

For further information and pricing, contact Dr. Gen Kocourek or Patrick Rodriguez, Soul Healing Therapy.