Emotional Energy Release

Emotional Energy Release can greatly change your life! Deeply rooted emotional issues can block healing. Blocks can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. When healing is blocked, we often do one of two things. We ignore or deny the issue, or we become consumed with the issue. We can feel like a victim or be a victimizer, or both, making it very difficult to find healing and fulfillment in life.

Stuck emotional energies can manifest in many ways, such as poor health, difficulty in relationships, or unsatisfying work. When you feel ‘stuck’ in life, unproductive patterns play out repeatedly. You might feel paralyzed by anxiety or suffer from post-traumatic stress. Emotional energy healing sessions can provide benefit in these types of situations.

Emotional Energy Release sessions are NOT medical services, but healing can still occur. Doors to healing in the traditional medical and integrative realms can unlock for you in unexpected ways. Imagine you have just been told you have cancer. Fear or anger take over and your belief systems and learned thinking patterns block your ability to hear all the options. For example, if you are advised to undergo chemotherapy, an energetic block such as, “It is not safe to have chemotherapy,” might be consciously or unconsciously present. When the blocked energy behind your thinking pattern is identified and released, you will be able to give yourself energetic permission to explore your treatment options more fully, regardless of your eventual choice to accept or decline a specific treatment.

As a Gene Keys Guide, I follow the Gene Keys approach (Contemplation, Inquiry, Patience, Gentleness) to explore your hidden places of deep hurt and fear, so you can ALLOW (FEEL), ACCEPT, EMBRACE and RELEASE. If you would like to work on clearing your deeply rooted emotional issues, Emotional Energy Release sessions might be a perfect fit. During sessions, I apply the methods and techniques of Patrick Rodriguez, Soul Healing Therapy, my extensive knowledge and experience in both traditional medical and integrative therapies, and my knowledge of and experience with Gene Keys and Integral Human Design.

Emotional Energy Release sessions can be emotionally intense but also can be incredibly freeing. In my role as a physician, I often recommend traditional behavioral counselors or therapists but use Emotional Energy Healing sessions to complement their work.