Emotional Energy Healing Workshops


Emotional Energy Healing Workshops are offered in collaboration with Patrick Rodriguez, Soul Healing Therapy. His methods and techniques enable significant release of deeply embedded emotional experiences. Participants learn the methods and techniques developed and refined by Mr. Rodriguez during his 30+ years of facilitating emotional energy healing.


Workshops are geared toward medical professionals, therapists and healers, but are also open to others with an interest in emotional energy healing. Participants learn how to guide clients into and through deep emotional issues so the client can come to self-acceptance.

Human Design Incorporation

Participants learn key emotional aspects of the Human Design System of Differentiation, which benefits participants and their future clients. When a client is interested, aspects of their Integral Human Design and Gene Keys that support their emotional energy healing are shared with the client. Facilitation that incorporates aspects of a participant’s Integral Human Design brings them to a greater ease in living out their unique design.

Participant Recognition

Participants who demonstrate proficiency in facilitating an energetic emotional release and recognize a release has occurred receive a Certificate in Emotional Energy Healing.

Workshop Schedule and Size

Workshops are offered two times each year or on-request. A minimum of six participants is required. Workshops that include interactive role playing are limited to a maximum of 12 participants and are tailored to the participants for optimal integration. There is no limit to the number of participants for larger, lecture-style workshops. Workshops are conducted on-site or via Zoom.

For further information and pricing, follow this link: www.learnsoulhealing.com or contact Dr. Gen Kocourek or Patrick Rodriguez, Soul Healing Therapy.